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Enhance Knowledge and Productivity through Recording and Indexing of Audio & Video Communications
Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017
Enhance Knowledge and Productivity through Recording and Indexing of Audio & Video Communications

INVICT is a technological platform that is revolutionizing planning, management, documentation, and follow-up of highly efficient meetings.


Through the effective recording of Audio & Video with simultaneous indexation by participants or keywords, and transcription of the meetings, it assures a clear register of any meetings.

Working on a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) environment and including access capability for external wireless microphones and cell phones through an app, Invict assures maximum flexibility, control, and is an excellent tool to measure costs and productivity.


Invict has native video conferencing capabilities, allowing multiples meeting points to be connected.


Meeting management processes are characterized by lack of order, inadequate management of participants, absence of meeting minutes and deficient mechanisms for commitment follow-up, among other problems.


The platform adapts to different meeting spaces, such as those that can be found in the judicial, corporate, education and government sectors.


INVICT is an ideal tool in courtrooms.  It can generate a registry of all participants using biometric authentication.  Close-up recording and video indexing make it possible to quickly search for key-moments of the hearing, either by participant or by keyword.


By incorporating remote participants, INVICT allows for the creation virtual hearings, reducing the costs and risks associated with transporting prison inmates.


INVICT manages Board Meetings efficiently, through the generation and signature of meeting minutes.


Using the system’s historical records, it is possible to assess the participation of each assistant and to follow-up on commitments, improving productivity.


In Conference Halls and Plenary meetings INVICT manages participant intervention using “delegate” microphones and handles priority with a “president” microphone, leading to an orderly session.


At an educational level a knowledge base may be established through the use of the historical archive and search engine.


INVICT is extremely portable, all its functions can be stored in a suitcase and the system can be quickly set-up in any location.


Its centralized administration makes it possible to generate multiple rooms that are managed from a single site, data stored in the system can be integrated with other information systems.


Meeting management flow processes had never been this efficient, adaptable and simple.





Date: Jun 29, 2017