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Userful Offers a Powerful Suite of Control Room Video Wall Features at a Record Setting Price
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Userful Offers a Powerful Suite of Control Room Video Wall Features at a Record Setting Price

Userful Corporation, an industry leader in video wall software, has significantly added to the features it offers control room and command center operators and now offers that software solution, run from a single standard PC, at a record setting price point.

Userful has been driving down the cost of video walls world wide by using a single PC and the network to support video walls of up to 100 screens. Userful's new multi-window feature is the latest in a series of features that make Userful a cost effective and flexible solution for Control Rooms, Network Operations Centers (NOC’s) and Command Rooms. Some of the other key features for control room and command centers include:

  • Zones which allow operators to display multiple sources simultaneously on different sections on a video wall.
  • Presets which allow operators to save content and video wall layouts for quick recall.
  • Interactive Viewer; to control the interactive sessions on a video wall from any browser on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Local browser and desktop sessions which allow Network Operations Centers to display as many browser sessions as they need using the same PC that is driving the video wall.

Userful’s new Multi Window feature allows operators to divide a single display into multiple windows to display different content sources, or divide a video wall in arbitrary ways outside the display bezels. By adding this feature into its stack, Userful continues to drive down the cost of control room video walls.

According to Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful, “People used to think a solution for data visualization and analysis in control rooms had to be expensive if it was going to deliver all the needed features and flexibility. Userful provides a cost effective and simplified alternative to traditional video wall controllers, with high performance, scalability and advanced interactivity features. Costs are reduced in part thanks to Userful’s architecture which leverages a single standard PCs and the network to drive the entire video wall system. We’re so confident the price point is a game changer that we made it available on our website.”

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