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Userful video wall controller software now supports Picture-in-Picture
Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017
Userful video wall controller software now supports Picture-in-Picture

With version 9.6 Userful adds Picture-in-Picture to its video wall feature list.  Picture in Picture allows users to display multiple content streams in inset windows while the main content plays in the background. Picture-in-picture gives administrators greater flexibility and control over their video wall. It is perfect for many use cases.

Control room applications

In control rooms, operators constantly need to visualize multiple streams of data at a time whether it’s to monitor, to troubleshoot or to oversee a process. Videos in control rooms provide the ideal platform to visualize this data, and the picture-in-picture feature allows them to quickly and easily add additional viewing windows while keeping a main image in the background.  For example, users can now view key dashboards on inset windows while monitoring a map in real-time. The advantage of this feature is that it lets you easily connect the inset windows with existing content profiles for quick recall and display, which is ideal for these time sensitive and mission critical applications.

In Digital Signage applications

It is very common for video walls in digital signage to have multiple windows showing different content. For example, the background could be a branded image for the company, product, etc. while inset windows can show a video advertisement. It can also be used with interactive content, where again the background could be a branded image, while an inset window (or even multiple  inset windows) display a web browser for people to interact with and perform specific tasks (fill out a form, play a game, etc.). Customers can even combine these two applications--the background can show the branded image while one inset window shows videos and the other shows interactive web content.

These are just two of the key applications that make effective use of Userful’s new Picture-in-Picture feature. The possibilities are almost endless.