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Userful Announces Unlimited Display Resolution Feature for Userful Cloud
Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Userful Corporation, a leading provider of video communication solutions, announced today an unlimited resolution feature to its Userful Cloud solution. Unlimited resolution enables organizations to create and display ultra-high-resolution visual content directly from the cloud to smart displays, at the display’s native resolution, with no additional hardware needed. Userful Cloud is one solution within Userful’s Visual Networking Platform , announced in January.

The rise of software-based technologies and smart displays provide new tools for creators to realize their dream installations—transforming the world of corporate communication through advanced immersive experiences. The goal of any video wall or digital signage display is to attract attention, so companies are looking for ways to build bigger, more complex displays in order to stand out. But a larger than life display is nothing without the large scale content to bring it to life.

“We are seeing more and more companies looking to create bigger, better, and more immersive video content,” says John Marshall, CEO of Userful. “The problem is lack of easy and cost-effective options to scale up so that every display is at its full native resolution. Combining our cloud management, content streaming and support for an unlimited number of screens — with no additional hardware and on any angle rotation — makes for a powerful tool to create new immersive experiences.”